Monday, March 15, 2010

All the single ladies, all the single ladies

I'm not sure I could quite pull off this look -- but I do think I need more accessories in my life. Barney's New York is selling a $200 sterling silver LEGO ring. The collaboration from Dee & Ricky and Max & Maggie allows the wearer to change out the LEGO component (scorpion, flower, brick) of the ring depending on their mood. It's a slightly more time-intensive mood ring -- although probably more effective in displaying your current state of mind. Mood rings tend to be like surprise-flavored lollipops -- always a muddy purple color.

Since this is a ladies ring and $200, I believe I won't be asking for this one for my birthday. But Dee & Ricky are at the top of my interview list -- the Staten Island twins are in a world of their own making. With LEGO bricks on the runway and in the Museum of Modern Art, the tiny plastic bricks have to be recognized as a design force at some point. Maybe this is that moment.

Image via Barney's New York.

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