Thursday, March 11, 2010

LEGO City: Big Apple Edition

If shoemaker's elves ever went into brick-laying, this is the kind of project it would be easy to imagine them getting behind. German Artist Jan Vormann recently brought his public installation, "Dispatchwork," -- wherein he fills in the holes in crumbling walls with LEGO bricks -- to New York City [via AJ].

And in true big city fashion, most of the bricks had been removed by the time he had finished repairing holes around Central and Bryant Park. While some expressed wonderment, perhaps the quintessential New York response came from Jackie Rubenstein, who hadn't seen the bricks despite passing them for several days in a row:

"That's a New York thing. There are random things all across the city, but we're so quick getting around that we tend not to notice them."

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