Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Miniland Jon and Kate

The Kansas City half of the book trailer is in the can -- or whatever you call digital film before it is edited -- and the second secret location is also complete.

Now before you get to appreciate the evil genius lair/Ikea repository that is my office -- I wanted to give you a sneak peek at two of the potential stars of the video -- Miniland Jon and Kate.

Two strong, brick-stacking hands put together these two figures on Sunday night. Kate's got braids and stockings, while I appear to be wearing a shirt that is clearly fashion forward (either that or the result of grabbing whatever bricks I had on hand in the 30 minute window I had to build).

Note, these are built to Miniland scale -- the recreations of cities that are the best part of LEGOLAND theme parks -- which means that Kate and I are now six-feet tall.

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www.Brickworkz.com said...

Looking forward to the book. You said it was sometime in May? Should be fun to see the LEGO world through your eyes. You really got deep into the culture! --Brian