Friday, October 30, 2009

Your LEGO-inspired Halloween costumes

If you are like me (or most men over the age of 11), you have yet to settle on a Halloween costume. Therefore, in order for you to be able to say you've planned ahead, I've decided to track down some potential LEGO-inspired Halloween costumes for you.

These range from completely practical to not likely to be finished in the next 24 hours.

LEGO brick -- This appears to be a painted cardboard box with plastic bowls attached to the front. It's a clever use of things you definitely have in your house right now. Bonus points, if you build yourself a costume with studs and another costume with tubes. Here's more detailed instructions, that just need to be upscaled from a kid to an adult size.

LEGO Minifig -- Slightly cumbersome, completely awesome. It's the styrofoam head that makes this costume a winner. Imagine a life-size minifigure -- the only questions are visibility and how are you going to eat candy. Although none could top this to-scale LEGO Boba Fett minifig costume.

Now should you be against dressing up, I might suggest that you instead try a science project and learn how to install LED lights inside minifigs to create spooky Halloween decorations.

Photo by Dead Zebra.

1 comment:

Michael Lockridge said...

My son (almost 30) is so into Halloween he plans his costumes a year or more in advance.

Me, I might put on a paper hat.

Love the Maxifig.