Wednesday, October 7, 2009

AFOLs go mainstream?

I've always viewed the world of minifig customizers and brick modders as separate from the world of LEGO-inspired crafts (LEGO cufflinks, earrings, etc...). But then I stumbled across photos from BrickCon 2009 on CNET and saw pictures of LEGO jewelry for sale at the adult fan of LEGO convention this past weekend in Seattle.

Does this mean that the mainstream has come to AFOL conventions or is just a question of a business opportunity? There is always a mix of hardcore fans and parents just taking their kids to see bricks because of public days -- when the regular folks are allowed into the convention to walk amongst the town and train, space, castle, and zombie layouts. And what might interest one group would likely send the other group screaming.

It does make me think about building a pair for my wife...

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