Monday, October 5, 2009

Proudly celebrating Bricktober

Most of the time it just feels like we're adults playing house. I'm bad about putting away my toys -- there are LEGO bricks all around my office and the living room -- and we occasionally have ice cream for dinner.

But Sundays are adult days. We sit down with the daily paper and morning coffee for coupon time -- clipping and remarking on coupons like two fussy old ladies. While most of this settles on the mundane (would our dog enjoy a treat shaped like a football that tastes like bacon?) or the out-of-reach (I'm looking at you, oversized plasma television), occasionally you discover real inspiration from coupons -- like a sale on Precious Moments figurines.

And this Sunday marked the finest moment of Coupon Time in the brief and celebrated history of the weekend paper tradition -- the announcement of Bricktober at Toys "R" US, where apparently all LEGO sets are 30 percent off this month. Gentleman, start your bank accounts...

Photo by hyku.

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