Friday, October 9, 2009

Star Wars, The Bible, and BrickCon

Fridays, like Jambo Safari, are for round-ups. And so here through the magic of Google Alerts and a man pushing the button every 108 minutes in the hopes of avoiding a blackout for 137 seconds are the latest LEGO finds.

The first is a review from Wired of Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary -- a compendium of LEGO sets, facts, and movie descriptions. And just like the Swimsuit edition, the other models were devastated to learn that Darth has secured the cover...again.

The second is The Huffington Post discovering the Brick Testament -- the Bible stories animated in LEGO bricks online and in print. The last Brick Testament update was back in June -- the final four illustrated stories from Revelation. Let us hope that this was not an end to the updates in a prophetic art and life moment.

And the third is from Fast Company, which has a sweet round-up of it's own, covering BrickCon 2009 in Seattle via photo slideshow. A round-up within a round-up -- do they cancel each other out? Or is it like when you eat the cow and only get 10 percent of the energy that the cow got from the grain it ate?

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