Thursday, October 1, 2009

A crowdsourcing experiment: What's the title?

We're talking book titles today. Well, actually just one book title -- the title for the book attached to this blog that will arrive on store shelves on May 10, 2010.

There's a favorite -- what would be called the "working title," but there's also some room for imagination. So, this is my first attempt at crowdsourcing -- feel free to send this to the crowds.

Here's your elevator pitch: Journalist Jonathan Bender spent a year discovering the world of the Adult Fans of LEGO, while getting ready to build a family of LEGO lovers himself. And he never would have made it out of Malaysia, if not for his plucky robot sidekick, Glitchy.*

If it's in the comments and it's the title -- you're getting a free copy and a LEGO set in the theme of your choosing. If it is a pun on my last name -- you owe me a steak dinner and a chrome Darth Vader.

*Glitchy's not in this book. He's in the sequel.

Photo by Oskay.


NikkiDooDoo said...

Tough to name without a fuller sense of the book...but here's a go:

"Model Home"

"Brick ____ House"

"About a Toy"

They may not be brilliant, but at least I don't owe you meat.

ScooterX - simple living, simply living said...

"Round Peg, Square Hole"

Anonymous said...

Here are my entries...

1) "SNOT, MOC's, & 1x5's: The Curious World of the Adult Fan of LEGO"

2) "When Only the Best is Good Enough - Building Family and Community Through LEGO"

3) "United by Bricks"

4) "The World That Ole Built"

That's all I have for now. I'll be back with more later.


doodlebird said...

just brainstorming here,
hope something leads you to a better title


i fell in love with a brick

the world's largest Lego collection
(referring to the world community of AFOLs)

how to keep kids away from your toys
-and other useful tips i learned from AFOLs

i've finally mastered being a kid (at age 30.)

i'll never Lego of my youth (i know, groan)

cheeseslope said...

Is it too late to submit some more suggestions?