Thursday, October 22, 2009

Inside the LEGO Concept Room

Whether it stems back to childhood or is merely a byproduct of human curiosity, it is always fun to find out what is behind a closely guarded secret.

Two British newspapers have accounts of the world inside the LEGO Concept Lab -- and they didn't have to suspend Tom Cruise from a cable to get it. While both are scrubbed versions (and sans photos) of what everybody would really like to see -- the LEGO products that are several years out -- it's still a fascinating look into the research and development arm of the popular toy manufacturer.

The Telegraph talks to LEGO board game designer Cephas Howard, who jokes that working for LEGO was like joining a secret government agency. And the Mirror actually gets in behind the reinforced steel door after waiting 20 minutes for security clearance.

Photo by mmahaffie (not the actual door)

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