Friday, October 23, 2009

LEGO Meets Reality Television

The following news will be extremely exciting for some and a sign to others that it's time to move on to another hobby -- LEGO is apparently destined for reality television.

Variety is reporting that producer Scott Messick will partner with LEGO on a series of potential reality television shows that have building with LEGO bricks at the center of a competition-style program.

The three possible types of shows that Variety details are a children's gameshow, docuseries that follows master model builders to site builds, and a potential competition/elimination style contest filmed at LEGOLAND. I'll readily admit that I could be the target demographic for all three of those shows.

While this seems like a project in the initial stages, I'd bet the competition style series could be the first to move forward, given it's single location and Messick's background -- his credits include "Pros vs. Joes" and "Shaq Vs." Therefore, it seems like "Man vs. LEGO," would be a natural fit for his portfolio.

Photo via LEGO Block Block.

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