Monday, October 19, 2009

A Changing of The Liquor Guard

There comes a time when everybody has to put away their toys. My wife has been tolerant of the rotating LEGO exhibit atop the bookshelf in the kitchen and the wine bar in the dining room.

But on Sunday, she made a request that she hasn't made for at least six months -- and when your spouse asks you to pick up your toys, you do it. And so the stegosaurus with the drooping head will be parted out, the mad scientist vignette is safely ensconced in Tupperware, and the pirates will no longer be guarding the rum. As to the pirates, perhaps that is a good situation. Pirates make for terrible rum guardians.

The thing that my wife doesn't know is that by asking me to put away my old builds, she has inspired me to build something new, that will have to take it's place. I wonder if the Space Police might be better protectors of the spirits.

I keep seeing this yellow cyclops-like guy shiftily walking around our dining room. And I know he's not going to buy anything because we don't have anything for sale. Odds are he's just going to try to sneak out with a bottle under his coat and escape in some sort of space speeder or ship.

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