Thursday, April 1, 2010

New York, Pirates, and sitting down with the publisher

A visit to New York City and a full scale assault of minifig pirates has left this blog woefully understaffed this week. With the pirate resurrection quelled and no plane flights scheduled for a few weeks, we're back to our regularly scheduled programming.

While on the East Coast -- the non-imaginary obstacle to blogging -- I took the time to visit with my publisher, John Wiley & Sons. The offices are in a well-appointed building in downtown Hoboken, New Jersey. It is both humbling and energizing to see and meet all the people that are working to make LEGO: A Love Story a success.

I was delighted to receive the above bag of LEGO candy. They can actually stack, although a stack too high threatens to pry open my mouth in a similar fashion to a stick in an alligator's mouth. There is great stuff to come that you can enjoy as well -- the book trailer and a contest that are both impressive and due to be out shortly.

In the interim, the book is officially being released next month and I can only hope that it is like a bit of delicious LEGO candy for everyone else.

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