Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Comics, bricks, and Jake Gyllenhaal

With the book slated to come out on May 3, I've begun to make the rounds on the Internets, offering sarcasm or sincerity depending on the virtual stop. In real life, I'm trying to find the balance between LEGO bricks and books for in my suitcase for next weekend's Brick Magic. So while I try to figure out whether I really need socks, here's where my keyboard has taken me recently:

Chris Howard has brought my character/me back in his LEGO comic, The Brick Side. He has captured how I sit beautifully. Chris also interviewed me and cover artist Nathan Sawaya on his LEGO building technique blog -- Bricks A Billion.

Brand Freak asks why are "humans, so immensely, insanely obsessed with Legos [sic]?"

The Brothers Brick has an excerpt and some nice words about the book.

And I challenged Jake Gyllenhaal to a battle for the holy grail in a guest post on the Huffington Post.

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