Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Legoholic or Trackaholic?

There's an idea floating around that we are becoming "trackaholics," supremely focused on keeping track of everything we do. It's no longer enough to know how fast we're running a mile, now we must know exactly when we fell off pace, if certain music inspires us to run faster, and just we're stacking up against the members of our virtual running club. For the record, I do not run, but I am getting into speed cheese eating.

As one who has a book coming out, I've had several friends with pens suggest that I avoid checking Amazon or Google Alerts to see what is happening. This is good advice as I can see how one becomes so focused on what is/has happened, that you forget to continue to do work.

One arena I can't seem to shake is Twitter and that is because, in part, people continue to talk about LEGO bricks in interesting ways and I suddenly find myself having looked at links for the better part of an hour. Here are the finest, prescreened Tweets from the past day:

@GrantImahara (Grant from MythBusters) -- Happy Monday, people! Here's a little fun for you: VIDEO "How Lego is Made" http://bit.ly/U4qZ.

@cpm -- Life-size lego animals at Phila Zoo? I want to go to there. http://www.uwishunu.com/2010/04/creatures-of-habitat-at-the-philadelphia-zoo/.

@adamatomic -- some spectacular micro-scale Lego MOCs http://www.fredoichi.com/archives/lego.html.

@cloverest --
I want to work/live in the Lego office. Not just for the toys - it is gorgeous. http://tinyurl.com/y8bfwzq.

And finally, we have a new holiday:

@hellonw --
Because on Thurs. he gets to open some Legos Grandma got for him, Noel just told me tomorrow is "Lego Eve." Did he just invent a holiday?

Image via Kennymatic.

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