Friday, April 30, 2010

Cake toppers as relationship signifiers

I have a theory -- that extends back at least a half an hour -- that you could probably encapsulate where your relationship stands based on the cake topper you'd select for your wedding.

When my now wife and I were first dating -- I'm fairly confident we wouldn't have even had a cake topper. This is considering the one time a hotel employee delivering room service asked if we were married and both of us couldn't shout "No," fast enough.

A few years later and Kate was likely envisioning a standard cake topper, while I would have been busy constructing an elaborate back story for the figures and marching them across the table.

As for right now, it's a no doubter, I'd have suggested a LEGO cake topper.

Image via Folded Fancy's Etsy page.


Liberty said...

Hi Jonathan, my husband surprised me with a proposal and we were married 3 hours later. He organised everything complete with a lego cake topper - we had often joked we would get married in the back garden and have a BBQ, so we had a little bride (complete with lace for the veil), groom and BBQ all made from lego. Joanna in Perth, Western Australia

About panda toys said...

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Mariann Asanuma said...

Jonathan, thanks for posting my Wedding Cake Toppers on your blog. I've actually made 5 different ones so far, each custom to what the Bride and Groom actually look like, including a Frisbee playing Bride and Groom.