Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The new LEGO economy

If Second Life introduced the concept of a second or virtual economy, perhaps LEGO bricks could offer up a tertiary economy. The Baltimore Sun has a link to Punk Rock Gardens -- a community gardening blog that covers gardening tips and interesting stories in Pennsylvania.

The blog's recent topic of choice? The intersection of landscape design and adult fans of LEGO. Your lawn has never looked as green as when it was rendered in LEGO bricks. The entry looks at how an adult fan has been inspired by a garden designer and vice versa -- it's a cool bit of people benefitting from each other's expertise.

I've been amazed to discover the number of ways in which people are customizing and accessorizing LEGO minifigures, vehicles, and sets. Welcome to the new LEGO economy.

Image via Punk Rock Gardens.

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John-Mason P. Shackelford said...


I was just talking about this with my wife this morning. Since so much of the buying and selling of lego happens in online market places such as bricklink.com one ought to be able to do some very interesting work in relating price fluctuations in Lego to precious metals or other investment vehicles. It seems likely that Lego is more durable than paper money. Imagine a currency backed by lego or a lego fund. What if instead of spending hundreds of dollars annually in collecting pieces to build with, one spent thousands--the lego 401k. I think that would be bad for lego ultimately if very many people attempted it, but it has my own wheels turning. I wish I had the leisure to run the numbers and do the research.

All the best on your book. I look forward to reading it.