Monday, April 12, 2010

File it under 'D' for Donut

While city and castle and pirates and space get all the attention, I think there is a LEGO theme that is not getting its proper due. So with that, I give you -- LEGO Donuts:

-Here is a simple video guide to building a LEGO donut.

-Here's a take on a Banksy (the artist who sneaks his work into museums and creates irreverent interactive art pieces) heist print with a donut and some stormtroopers.

-Sometimes a guy just wants to buy a donut, but the next thing you know he's fighting off zombies.

-A sweet (in many sense of the word) LEGO donut creation.

- I know I'm older than six, but next year I'm asking for a LEGO and Donut Party for my birthday.

And no, a LEGO donut is not a transaction that requires a receipt.

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