Monday, April 5, 2010

LEGO: A Love Story -- The Book Trailer

The book trailer is officially out on the web. It features me, brick artist Nathan Sawaya and miniland me.

In just two minutes and 12 seconds, you can learn about the book and how the cover was designed and made by Nathan. Since I've always loved infomercials -- which has led to many questionable purchases -- consider this my infomercial pitch.

If you act now, we'll throw in unlimited viewings of the video and the chance to buy a very special book next month. But wait, that's not all you're getting. The book can also slice a tomato, blend margaritas, and make a perfect omelet.

*Note, the author can't guarantee the book's properties in the kitchen, until he has a copy himself to experiment with in his test kitchen.

1 comment:

Duckingham said...

Loved the video. Looking forward to picking up a copy of your book at BrickMagic.