Friday, February 5, 2010

Three steps to creating a new adult fan

The thing about obsession is that it's often fun to get somebody else hooked. You can see their interest growing with a casual mention of wanting to play with LEGO bricks or remarking on the cool design of a particular set. As such, here are three simple steps to converting someone into becoming an adult fan:

(1) Give them a small set in a style of building that reminds them of their childhood. If they were an animal lover, get a Creator set. If they though they'd be an astronaut, then try one of the Space impulse sets. Go small because the sets are easy to build -- everybody wants to have success when they're trying something new -- and the completed set often ends up on their desk or shelf. Which leads to step two...

(2) Now that that they're thinking about building, casually mention that you've got a bigger set in that genre. If you liked that space speeder, you should see the Death Star that's just waiting to be built (this requires you to not immediately open a box such as the Death Star when you receive it). Pair this activity with beer and a movie. You'll be amazed how quickly the beer and movie are set aside.

(3) Share. Share your collection, give LEGO sets during the holidays. Channel your inner, thinner Santa.

Image via jonathanb1989.

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