Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LOST interpreted in LEGO bricks

Since I am struggling to have faith that LOST will provide me with appropriate answers at the conclusion of the series this season -- I have decided to look for answers among the LEGO bricks.

Because even if I am just as confused -- why do they keep saying the time for questions is over, yet continue to raise new questions -- I can start to be amused. *If you've never seen the show, this is the time to stop reading as you're going to gain plot details you'd rather learn organically.*

In order to get to know the characters, you can see the LOST minifigures. Or how about The Hatch that drove the early seasons and gave us the character of Desmond. Here's the frozen wheel chamber that transports Ben off the island and the massive statue that has been reduced to a foot below water. Andrew Becraft's Flickr stream has a series of vignettes from AFOL Jon Furman, including a Dharma Initiative van and the inside of the hatch.

Over on YouTube, there are also a serious collection of tribute videos including several versions of the original season opener. There is also some serious reimagining about what the Dharma Initiative's purpose might be if it was run by Sean Connery and Samuel L. Jackson. For those who prefer their orientation videos to be more true to form, here's one from The Zen station. And what if zombies made it to The Island? Although I'm ending on a question, these are the kinds of questions I think we need to ask.

Image via Dunchaser.

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