Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pat your hands on your legs, there's a book cover

Ladies and Gentleman, we have a book cover. While it's not yet public, rest assured, it is outstanding to the point that I'm excited for the day that it becomes public and we can discuss its ability to blow your minds.

While the fact that a PDF gets my adrenaline pumping means I may not have survived in the days of the caveman, it suggests that I'm well suited for my occupation of typing at a computer. After seeing the cover yesterday, I owned the white Mastodon that is my Mac. Although I should not have attempted to cook it over a fire in my cave. That was a lie, I'll never own a man cave and hopefully that sad addition to the American lexicon is now retired from this space.

If you've got a guess as to the cover, please feel free to share it in the comments. The winner gets a burnt end sandwich the next time they're in Kansas City.

*Please note, that is not the cover. It is just a yellow whale. Nothing more to see here, move on to the rest of the Internets, folks...

1 comment:

Duckingham said...

That's a yellow whale? And all this time I'd been thinking it was the USA. :)