Wednesday, February 10, 2010

M is for...

The good folks at the Oxford English Dictionary have not yet contacted me, so until they come up with the definitive guide to LEGO terms -- the Brick Encyclopedia will continue. Although it should be noted, I am available for dictionary writing if you're concerned that your party may be too much fun -- I'm on the opposite end of the scale of the cartoonist who draws your head as a massive topper to a tiny body doing your favorite activity.

My new party business therefore promoted, let's get on to the letter "M."

M is for...My Own Creation (MOC). The world of free-building, where you take parts from sets and your collection, to design and build something completely original.

M is for...Miniland. Otherwise known as Exhibit A in convincing someone to get back into the hobby as an adult. These faithfully recreated cities and landmarks are wonders and wonderful.

M is for...Minifigure. The little dudes and dudettes that power the LEGO Universe. Sadly, they do not finish your MOCs at night for you like the shoemaker's elves.

M is for...Man-Bat. Before there was Man-Bear-Pig, there was Man-Bat. The cleverly named villain of the LEGO Batman video game. His top half is bat, his bottom half is in jeans -- go figure.

M is for...Mars Mission. The first set I bought to kick off this whole adventure was a Mars Mission set at a garage sale. Inside was a Chewbacca minifigure and enough bricks to get me hooked.

M is for...Mindstorms. It's like a storm in your mind. These robotic sets have been immensely popular and profitable for LEGO over the course of the past decade.

M is for...Mr. Freeze. The minifigure that I have walked across my desk hundreds of times, proclaiming "it's about to get cold in here." I think he takes Man-Bat in a fight.

M is for...Mermaid. The top half is mini-lady, the bottom half has a tail. This is the only way to lure minifig Tom Hanks out of hiding.

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