Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Book happenings and dancing puppies

Hey Jonathan, what's new with the book this week?

So much, Internet, thanks for asking. You are more considerate than you have been portrayed in the media -- I'll remember that the next time I think badly of you. Onto the book...

I recently finished looking at the page proofs -- which is realistically my last chance to catch mistakes in the proofreading and copyediting process. The index will likely be ready at the end of this month -- I look forward to seeing words like Millennium Falcon and Rocky Balboa out of context.

Galleys (an early, printed version of the near-book) are likely headed out into the world soon -- meaning that the number of people that will have read LEGO: A Love Story will be rising exponentially. This is when one's heart races irrationally and you find yourself singing to animals and babies (although in the interest of full disclosure -- that happens every day in my home -- I just don't usually pick up the dog by her front paws and dance with her).

In the interim, I have been seriously considering bedazzling a denim jacket with the book's title and release date. This would only require the purchase of said jacket, a Bedazzler, and wrangling an invitation to an awards ceremony.

Image via fde comite.

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