Thursday, February 25, 2010

New York City captured in bricks

I've got a bookshelf full of book titles, but I've also always got room for one more. And that spot in the corner is looking like it's reserved for "I LEGO N.Y." -- the new board book from artist Christoph Niemann that's set to release on March 1.

Based on a series that originally appeared last February on Niemann's blog -- Abstract City -- on The New York Times website, the book is a whimsical series of illustrations that capture New York City with just a few LEGO bricks and words. Each snapshot is a nice reminder of how LEGO bricks can be used to play on our associations. It's a testament to the emotional power of the simple bricks.

The Brothers Brick has a review of an early copy -- which suggests that you don't have to love New York to love this book.

Image via Abstract City.