Friday, February 12, 2010

Is there a Mrs. Squidman?

Since it's Valentine's Day on Sunday -- I have a recommendation for you. Buy your date or significant other (or yourself) a LEGO impulse set. They're $4 to $10 and they'll last a lot longer than chocolate or a greeting card.

In addition, nothing says "I Love You" like a LEGO Squidman...I mean, right? Besides, the LEGO Space Police are only arresting Squidman for being too gorgeous, I mean, right?

On the off chance that you think I'm way off base on this one, I'll give you two legitimate reasons to justify this idea (which should be considered in the same light as when somebody says something ludicrous, hears your stunned silence, and then says...just kidding. They're not really kidding and neither am I.)

1. Valentine's Day is too weighty a holiday. Gifts are overanalyzed because of their potential significance. A LEGO impulse set keeps it light and can always be followed up with a....just kidding, let's go out for dinner. Either that or you've just nailed it for $5.99.

2. This is a good barometer. Here you can gauge someone's sense of humor, just as you might what to know their feelings on spicy food or techno music.

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