Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I've lost my head

Headless villains really only work in the one story. So, it may be time to say good bye to the Stegosaurus in the Bender household.

It was after a photo shoot, that the mover (read: me) failed to properly secure the head while attempting to transition the stegosaurus set from kitchen table to bookcase. Ironically, this move was attempted to prevent the cat from doling out her unique brand of vengeance on the dinosaur. The head, a slight design flaw, is too heavy for the pin that attaches it to the body. A wood floor ensured the head would not survive the fall.

But Jon, you say, these are LEGO bricks -- you can rebuild it, even without the directions. Isn't that the whole point? Sure, but if the head has broken off accidentally, then I don't feel so bad about scavenging the light brick or turning the Stegosaurus into spare parts. And even though it's not a horseman, a headless dinosaur is still kinda creepy.

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