Thursday, September 17, 2009

What to do in Billund, Denmark

About this time last year I was in Billund, Denmark, in order to interview some kind folks from LEGO and visit LEGOLAND Billund.

In addition to re-learning to drive a stick shift through a country with a healthy respect for roundabouts, I also discovered the Fransk dog -- a cored out baguette filled with hot dog and the sauce of your choosing. But the real treasure was the Idea House -- which catalogues the rich history and culture of The LEGO Group. I filmed this video in the vault, where they keep nearly all of the sets for historical purposes.

The Wall Street Journal recently featured a travel piece on Billund with recommendations for where to stay and what to do. If you're considering making the trip, I only have a few tweaks to the piece. Consider the Hotel Propellen -- if you don't have small children, it's a long-ish, but completely possible walk from the hotel. Parking is also free at the park, so long as you know how to drive a manual car, that's an option as well.

Photo by bluemoose.

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