Friday, September 11, 2009

iPod docks and Pirates

It's Friday and that sometimes means a mish-mosh, kitchen sink approach, wherein your brain spits out all of the things it's been going over the past week in an attempt to clear the cache.

I saw this iPod touch dock made (from the looks of it with mostly Technic elements) this morning and thought why didn't I think of that, particularly since it's an idea that's been around for a while. It will be significantly more fun to build than a visit to my local cell phone provider to purchase a dock.

But perhaps more importantly, it's always nice to see LEGO swing the Pirate versus Ninja debate -- I won't ruin who wins, but if you know your LEGO, you'll have a pretty good idea. In the interim, TiVo Deadliest Warrior -- a scientific breakdown of fights between classic warriors on Spike that includes reenactments that are entertaining to watch. It's what you want the nature simulations to be, when they have a shark and bear fight, except it is men fighting, men like pirates and ninjas.

Photo by Ben Demey.

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