Wednesday, September 2, 2009

H is for...

Another month, another entry in the Brick Encyclopedia -- the only series of LEGO definitions endorsed by my household. Today, we explore the letter H:

H is for... Harry Potter. With a series of sets tied into the early movies and a video game on the way for 2010 -- this combination is magic.

H is for... Horse. So far my attempts to construct anything equine have always resorted in a camel -- a camel that I pretend is a horse.

H is for...Henry Jones Sr. Any minifig you can purchase that allows you to do a poor Sean Connery impression is one to keep. Say it with me, "Indiana was the dog's name."

H is for...Hair. Who knew that female minifig hair could be rare and coveted? But when you're searching for variety for a MOC, it's nice not to have everyone with a bowl haircut.

H is for...Hook. This is half the reason to purchase the LEGO pirates sets (no pun intended). Sadly, anyone with a hook is a bad guy. I apologize to my hook readers. Please do not slam your pirate hooks onto the keyboard with frustration. It will only impale the keyboard, further compounding your anger.

Photo by Parl.

1 comment:

Michael Lockridge said...

Indiana Jones. The dog's name.

Disneyland trivia. If you ride the train around Disneyland, watch for a dog house with a familiar name written on it.

This is better than the Pirate's alphabet. Rrrrr!