Friday, September 25, 2009

Celebreality comes to LEGO

If I needed to hire a headline writer, I'd start looking at The New York Post. They have a way of making three words tell a story, for example, "Lego my Gyllen-ho."

Yes, LEGO has made the tabloids. And even the minifig representation of Jake Gyllenhaal from the Prince of Persia movies is not immune from a bit of physique critique.

"The arms are a little less impressive, but the plastic guy's hair looks a million times better than the dead cat Jake sported on his head for the May 28 release," writes Jaret Wieselman.

I feel like this is where it gets interesting for The LEGO Group, because they're officially at the intersection of the toy world and celebrity news. I can't wait for blind items to start appearing about which minifigs were seen popping bottles at the 40/40 Club.

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