Monday, August 31, 2009

In book news

Since there is a book attached to this blog, I think it's only proper to occasionally dedicate some virtual space to the latest with the book process.

First, the biggest and most exciting news. The book has a tentative publication date of May 10, 2010. This means it should be out in plenty of time for BrickWorld 2010, so get ready to be rocked Chicago.

The book is currently in production, which means that is being formatted and organized into the manuscript that will become the galleys that will become the book. This work is done by better and more-detail-oriented people than myself. I am glad these people exist.

In addition, some of my LEGO MOCs and I had a photo shoot for the book over the weekend. LEGO bricks are hard to shoot well, even with great tips. Unlike my daughter, my author photo will not be me in a diaper stretched out in a basket. We are all thankful for this development.

Photo by Oskay.

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome news! I'll be pre-ordering a copy through B&N. :-) Also, I will be expecting that you be at Brickworld 2010 to personally autograph it.