Monday, August 10, 2009

Shopping for LEGO-inspired products

There is always a series of LEGO-inspired items available online. Some are knock-off bricks, others are worthy of being coveted. Below are a few examples of items I've stumbled across recently while avoiding more important tasks. I'll let you determine which I would buy and which are a bit perplexing.

LEGO brick candles -- It seems a shame that you would only use these once a year.

LEGO cross stitch of House. A minifig version of the surly TV doctor cross stitched into a wall display -- kind of seems like the definition of a niche market.

A custom minifig display stand. I would put my minifigs on display, if I didn't keep poaching them when I was building.

Skull belt buckle. This brick belt buckle needs to holding up a four-year-old's jeans in Texas.

A dozen LEGO cupcakes. It doesn't have to be your birthday for you to enjoy these, perhaps you'd like to top them with some brick candles?

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