Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The couch and change

Why is it while cleaning out the couch cushions and underneath the furniture, the LEGO pieces you find are either the ones you needed six months ago or some of the most expensive per piece in a set?

It is as if the chrome and 1x1 elements have a magnetic attraction to the floor or small spaces -- sneaking away while being left to answer a phone call or take a break for dinner. They burrow down as though they were moles or power miners. A LEGO couch would solve the problem -- everything would be LEGO and thus, nothing could be lost.

The good news is that after the frustration comes the excitement that one feels when finding a set in the clearance aisle or a tub of LEGO bricks at a garage sale. It is the celebration of the unknown.

I wonder if this is aging in general. Mild annoyance at losing something you once knew quickly replaced by the happiness of rediscovery.

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