Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't commit that to memory

The facts that stick with you from elementary school often inspire the best cocktail party conversations. For example, Albert Einstein never bothered to remember phone numbers because he reasoned that anything that could be written down didn't need to be remembered. This was either an insightful look into memory from a genius or a crafty pick-up line -- you be the judge.

However, if a genius thought that our brain capacity was potentially limited and shouldn't be filled with extraneous information. I think of our brains like a computer, wherein the longer you have it, the more likely it is to move a bit slower. Alas, there is no Genius Bar in life.

All of which is why I was delighted to discover this morning that a LEGO Mindstorms robot has been designed that can solve Sudoku puzzles. This means, I no longer have to worry about cracking the mathematical equivalent of crossword puzzles and can instead focus on more fulfilling tasks, like the Jumble.

Photo by Kalingo English.

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