Friday, August 7, 2009

Behold, the inside of a minifig

You thought you knew what was on the inside of minifigure. Some of you probably guessed that they were hollow -- in search of a heart like the tin man. Others, have reasoned that there is in plastic in there -- again, not a bad thought. But The Brothers Brick reveals the truth, without having to transform in a Inner Space -- Meet Dave -- Osmosis Jones -- type way.

The minifig is simply a smaller version of us. Inside that plastic coating, there's a tiny skeleton, bundles of nerves, and a whole mess of organs. Thus, it is best to store them in closed containers. It's easier to avoid the whole shoemaker's elves or Toy Story dilemma, wherein your minifigs are causing mischief in your office.

An autonomic nervous system is why minifigs have attempted to take over this blog and are so vain about their hair. They're essentially little people. Hence, minifig customization should only be attempted by adults -- this is not like melting a G.I. Joe with a magnifying glass. So use your dremel carefully when attempting minifig surgery.

Photo by Bill Ward.

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