Wednesday, August 5, 2009

G is For...

You're paid up for the next installment of the Brick encyclopedia -- an almost regular and certainly non-comprehensive explanation of LEGO-related terms.

G is for...gear. Gears are used in Technic sets to transfer power or movement -- the same as in automobiles or any piece of machinery with moving parts.

G is for...Gold Tooth. You don't get many LEGO minifigs with grills, so this henchman of Dr. Inferno is pretty noticeable. He's also a pirate without an eye patch, which means he's probably got some great stories.

G is for..Gary McIntire -- a master model builder at LEGOLAND California. In addition to building a massive LEGO ball for Mythbusters, Gary is an outstanding tour guide.

G is for...Gail Storm. She's the heroine, who sadly often needs rescuing, from the Adventurers and Orient Expedition series.

G is for Galidor. A LEGO-ized version of a television show about intergalatic explorers trying to save the title city. This was LEGO's unsuccessful foray into the world of action figures.

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Andrewnuva199 said...

THe funny thing about Adventurers is how the minifigs have had so many names. Johnny Thunder is also seen as Sam Grant, Gail Storm as Pippen Read, Dr. Lightning as Dr. Kilroy, Baron voin Baron as Lord Sinister,and Sam Sinister as Slyboots. Except for Johnny, each character's latter names are what are conisidered official now since Dino Island