Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An unofficial style guide

A brief style note to fellow journalists, new LEGO enthusiasts, and those who wouldn't know a LEGO brick from a rubber chicken:

-LEGO is always singular and should be used as a modifier/adjective; ie. LEGO bricks, LEGO elements, or LEGO parts.

-Likewise, please write "LEGO" with all capital letters- that's the way the registered trademark should be written.

-They are not blocks, they are bricks.

-It's minifigure, not LEGO man or mini-man, when describing the tiny figurines that accompany sets.

-The LEGO brick is a stud-and-tube system. The studs are the bumps or knobs on top, while the tubes are what allow the bricks to lock together.

If you keep these basic style rules in place, you'll be ahead of where I was when I started out back in 2007. And now you know what it would have been like if Strunk & White had decided to come out of the Dark Ages.

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