Thursday, July 9, 2009

F is for...

We're up to F in the Brick Encyclopedia- the semi-rambling and in no way comprehensive collection of LEGO-related ideas and parts that the average man needs to know.

F is for...Fans. An Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) is anybody old enough to drive and play with LEGO bricks (ideally not at the same time).

F is for...Fleshies. The minifigures with paler hands and heads- sometimes known as "peachies," for their peach-colored hue. They are often found in licensed sets, like the Harry Potter, series, wherein the young wizard minifigure was flesh-colored, rather than the traditional yellow.

F is for...From Bricks to Bothans. An online forum that hosts the critical ideas that lay at the intersection of Star Wars and LEGO. Who doesn't need a little more Lando in their life?

F is for..Flex. A member of LEGO's Alpha Team- Flex is known for his ability to climb and his mastery of ropes. No word yet if he's made Webelo.

Photo by Steam Pirate.

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