Friday, July 10, 2009

A man and his accessories

The problem with getting a new mug is you need to accessorize. You can't just have an amazing coffee mug inside your standard office- that's like keeping your moon rock in the bottom of your fish tank. And so in digging around for the virtual equivalent of the Mall kiosk that will sell me cell phone charms, I present some of the more interesting uses for actual LEGO products and knock-offs that I found.

*The Brick Calculator. The input keys look like studs and the screen is buried inside a molded slope. This would put my TI-82 to shame.

*The phone charger. With a cat who has a penchant for chewing electronics cords, this MacGyver-style fix is one I might actually use.

*Speakers/iPod dock. These are a bit clumsy, but the colors are pretty. And when it comes to accessorizing, color is everything. I think we need to turn off HGTV for a while.

*Forget candy. A LEGO-filled pinata is the finest idea I've read in a while.

Photo via Nerd Approved.

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