Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life's little instruction book

I never thought about the values I was cultivating while playing with LEGO bricks until I returned to building as an adult. And then the possibility that LEGO elements could have business applications, art implications, and ultimately transcend the plastic mold to which its confined gave me a richer appreciation for the bricks that I just liked to stack as a kid.

The blog On Design has an interesting post today that uses LEGO's picture-based instructions to illustrate how to design a satisfying and easy out-of-box-experience for consumers. It's a wonderfully high-concept look at an instructional manual that is elegant in its simplicity.

In discussing how LEGO encourages users to master a step and then build on that success -- On Design gets at the heart of why constructing sets is so enjoyable. There is a definitive feeling of accomplishment that is as satisfying in my 30s as it was when I couldn't have envisioned being this old.

Photo by joakimlind.

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