Monday, July 13, 2009

The LEGO Olympics

When news of the LEGO Olympics came across my desk, I had high hopes. Alas, it is merely an outstanding name for a children's building competition in New Zealand- which I would be ineligible to participate in for a myriad of reasons- primarily because of a blood doping scandal.

However, the idea of a LEGO Olympics sparked my imagination for what such an event might entail...

You could have a heptathalon involving a speed build, blind build, free build, speed chess, and team build (done in a relay style).

The olympic pool could be put to good use with a build-in-a-bag, wherein a set is built underwater inside of the plastic bag containing the parts.

Archery skills might be tested via fling-things; Mindstorms or non-motorized sets that can launch a projectile via a trebuchet style construction.

So break out your 8-bit Nintento Entertainment System and call up the good folks at Epyx, it's time to train.

Photo by wowwblog3.

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