Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Before the resistance, there's beta testing

For those of you out there who are waiting to battle our future robot overlords, I've got an idea for how you can spend your time, in addition to getting jacked on pull-ups.

Sadly I can't be counted among you, unless there is room for an accidentally successful sidekick along the lines of Shia Labeouf in "I, Robot," or Jar Jar Binks in the recent "Star Wars" trilogy. Computer meltdowns end me and another Christmas has passed without receiving the Perfect Pullup. Also, I'm fairly certain that blogging won't be a skill that will help the human resistance- since the Internet will be co-opted by the same robots we're fighting.

But back to how you robot-resistance-fighters can spend your time productively. Wired brings news that LEGO is looking for new members for their Mindstorms Community Partners. This is the chance to discuss product development, bugs, and everything else in the popular programming brick. The application deadline is the end of this month, July 31.
So Mindstormers and robot fighters alike, start training.

Photo via Wired.

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