Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Surprise and anticipation can go out the window as you get older -- you tend to focus more on simply maintaining. And that might be some of the secret as to why LEGO is appealing to adult fans. There's a chance to rediscover some of that wonder.

I never thought I'd be the guy who would watch a seven-minute video of someone else unwrapping the LEGO Death Star, but that's how I started this morning watching blogger Chris Pirillo unbox his birthday gift.

I was there when LEGO unveiled the Death Star at BrickWorld 2008; I've seen the parts, minifigs, and a completely assembled version. And yet, I felt that old sense of anticipation in waiting to see the Death Star come out of the packaging. Welcome back, dormant volcano of joy.


Unknown said...

It's been awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

And now you need to go out and get one for yourself to unbox and build. :-) Trust me...very worth it.