Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Ultimate LEGO Book

In 1999, DK Publishing released The Ultimate LEGO Book. It took nine years, but it arrived on my doorstep this morning.

It's a beautiful, picture-based look at the history of LEGO. Over 125 pages, you learn about the company's time line, expansion projects, and how master builders put together their work.

For LEGO fans just looking for ideas, it is one of the few places to get high resolution pictures of LEGO sculptures. It is worth the price of purchase, just for the behind the scenes look at how Mt. Rushmore in LEGOLAND Billund was built.

Did you know there was once a LEGO World Cup where thousands of children competed in 23 countries for a chance to win a trip to Billund to compete in the final rounds? And that some of those kids make up the backbone of the adult fan of LEGO community today.

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