Friday, October 10, 2008

The zombies have won

Put aside the fact that my suitcase is not fully unpacked despite returning to Kansas City at the beginning of this week. Over the past five days, it has doubled as an overweight cat's bed, a desk for papers that need to be sorted, and a magnificent toe-stubber.

What you see to the left are the remains of the school bus I built for the Zombie Apocafest at BrickCon 2008. She was a magnificent six-wide construction and she sat proudly as part of the collaborative display for one glorious public exhibition last Saturday. Alas, she was not packed as carefully on the way back from Seattle.

I built the bus to come apart in sections, knowing that it would likely be thrown around while in transit. However I didn't account for future me quickly stuffing the bus in a sweater with a bit of bubble wrap for show. And somewhere between Salt Lake City and Seattle, the zombie minifigs in the suitcase apparently overwhelmed the structural integrity of the bus- leaving the disaster you see in their undead wake. It's a risk one takes when building with zombie minifigs- they can turn on you in an instant. Thankfully, they tend to move very slowly and are no taller than a child's pinkie, leaving most adults with a reasonable chance of escape. Just like sixth grade science glass, it's a good idea to wear protective eyeglasses.

But know this, I have learned my lesson on appropriate storing and packing my MOC. And I will rebuild society, starting with a six-wide school bus.

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