Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"50 Years of the LEGO Brick"

Deutsche Post and I are on very good terms. We've been working together for most of this year and every time something comes to the house from Denmark, I've been excited to tear open the package.

And so today, a large red square-shaped book is sitting on my desk. Incredibly, it is still in the shrink wrap Don't you know that once you open the wrapping, you destroy the collector's value? Right, but then how do you play with it?

Deutsche Post, via the good folks of the U.S. Postal Service, has brought me "50 Years of The LEGO Brick," the definitive guide to the plastic brick. It's a coffee table book about LEGO that comes with six 2x4 red bricks inside the wrap. It sounds like a pretty good bed time story.

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