Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Every bin has a story

Your recycling bin is a look into your lifestyle that week. Were you too busy to cook, so there are frozen meals and cans of soda piled to the sky? Or maybe you had a party or Sex and the City marathon that ended with 10 bottles of Merlot in your blue bin?

Binge habits aside, my recycling bin has been telling a very different story the last few weeks. It's been chock full of LEGO set boxes. In an effort to manage my space more effectively, I've been sending the box covers to the great box recycling factory in some other part of town.

I always wonder if the men who pick up my recycling tub think about the contents. Do they imagine a child inside my house, who is having the equivalent of a four-week birthday party where the only gifts are LEGO? Or perhaps I am an extremely specific toy reviewer, who just happens to live in Kansas City? More likely, I'm just the guy who continually overfills his recycling bin and never shares his toys.

Photo by temporary_diversion.

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