Monday, October 20, 2008

A toy for the generations

With the LEGO brick celebrating it's 50th anniversary, it's amazing to think that the first true generation of adult fans of LEGO is still around. Many of those people are working with those of my generation to help define what adult fans want to see from the company and offer guidance on building techniques.

It's exciting to walk into a room and meet somebody who has been playing with LEGO for as long as you've been alive. It also makes you wonder what the next generation of adult fans will create. Children from across the Globe gathered in Billund, Denmark, earlier this month for the LEGO Global Building Event. I imagine some of these kids will have a lifelong love of the brick, just as some of the competitors in the LEGO World Cups of the 1990's are at LEGO adult fan conventions today.

Although they make look like a child made them, the three vehicles in the picture were built by adult hands.

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