Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Have bus, will travel

I'm leaving tomorrow for BrickCon 2008, an adult fan of LEGO convention held annually in Seattle, and for the first time I'll be bringing something I've built along with me.

As part of the convention this year, a Zombie Apocafest is being sponsored by the Brothers Brick. Convention attendees are being encouraged to bring buildings, vehicles, and minifigs that will make up a collective display of a world overrun by zombies. Since returning from Denmark, I've been slapping together a school bus/zombie prison.

It is the thing I am most proud of building to date, and therefore I'm feeling nervous about showing it in public this weekend. The inspiration was actually the LEGO Creator Beach House- with black and yellow parts that lent themselves to being scavenged along with row windows that seemed to mirror the blocks of windows on the sides of school buses. Today, I'll focus on the detail work, attempting to attach would-be weapons to the side and giving the bus some character in the form of damaged or mismatching pieces.

Aside from the fact that is readily identifiable as a school bus, it is structurally sound and built in a way that the sides are all easily removable and replaced. It's an aspect of building I didn't (or wasn't able) to think about just a few months ago. I'm encouraged that it will likely survive traveling in a suitcase and if it doesn't, I can put it back together without too much difficulty.

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