Monday, October 13, 2008

Organize, sch-more-ganize

I have never spent so long considering a purchase. Kate and I wandered the aisles of K-Mart for close to 30 minutes looking at entertainment centers, book shelves, and children's storage buckets. I was the Goldilocks of grown men: some were too short, others not deep enough, and a majority were way too tall.

I was looking for shelves that could hold a large assortment of Tupperware and organizers filled with LEGO bricks. In my mind I envisioned a modular system of squares or rectangles, something that I could add to as my collection grew, but also move if we needed to shift the orientation of the room. And as I discounted a number of shelving options, we invariably walked past the toy aisle.

"I've wanted this set ever since I saw it at LEGOLAND in Denmark," Kate told me holding up the LEGO Creator Stegosaurus (Set 4998 for those building at home).

It wasn't hard to convince me to pick it up at that moment and so we had our decision. Despite having three unbuilt sets at home (one an Advent calendar which I have since learned can't be opened until December- had I known that we would own two and one would be ripped open faster than Billy Madison tucking into a snack pack,) we would purchase no shelving units and another LEGO set.

So, for the record, the latest shopping trip left us with no organizing furniture and more LEGO bricks to organize. Best purchase ever...

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